I drove a 2022 Toyota Venza Hybrid for 7 days

Here is EVERYTHING you need to know in 1 review!

Welcome to my review of the 2022 Toyota Venza Hybrid. This video contains everything you need to know about the semi-electrified Venza. I have been driving the Venza for exactly one week and drove it over 450 miles to be able to share all the good and bad with you all.

Things I cover in this review:
– Driving using the auto-steering and lane assist
– How the Gas milage lives up in the real world
– A tour of all the technology
– Baby seat review, how to install a car seat for your child, and how much room do you really have?
– A detailed tour of the cargo space
– Reviewing the Heads up

Display and other bonus technology found in the Venza hybrid.
– A tour of my real
-world driving experiences

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