F-150 Lightning 2023 order tips and thoughts on Ford Model-E W/ Tim Bart’s and Larry Lynch

Ford announces a crazy new plan to split the business into an all electric version (model-e) and an ice standard called (ford blue).

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Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/longmcarthur

Welcome to the first episode of “All Charged Up” a bi-weekly video podcast all about electric vehicles.

This week’s guest is Tm Bartz, the internet manager at long mcarthur ford.

This week is a deep dive on how ford is handeling the f150 lightning orders. We talk about the transition between 2022 models and 2023.

Plus we dive into the big news that ford is splitting into 2 new businesses!

—–Contents of Video—–
00:00 – 02:40 Intro
02:40 – 08:41 Who is Tim Bartz (Ford Video Guy)
08:41 – 10:10 Do Ford and their dealers have a communication problem?
10:10 – 13:26 Ford F150 Lightning Order Tips / Production numbers
13:26 – 14:06 When can you order 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning
14:06 – 20:48 Tim’s Lightning build
20:48 – 23:20 The future of dealers
23:20 – 32:46 Ford announces Model-E (New business split)
32:46 – 35:40 Possible Ford Lightning Upgrades
35:40 – 39:15 Ford’s Charge pro review
39:15 – 45:00 Picking the best colors for Ford f150 Lightning


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