Kyle Conner (of @Out of Spec Reviews ) Talks about if the F-150 lightning really has what it takes!

I am so thrilled to announce episode two with Kyle Conners from @Out of Spec Reviews @Out of Spec Motoring and cohost of the Inside Evs podcast. (@InsideEVs US )

I had an awesome time and learned a ton from kyle! I hope you all enjoy our EV Truck descussion. Kyle gives awesome insights into what he thinks the Ford F-150 needs to do to make sure it’s a success.

Thanks for watching!

Kyle’s Info: Patreon:
Twitter: @Out_of_Spec
Instagram: @outofspecmotoringC

____Video Contents ______
00:00 – 00:56 – Intro
00:56 – 07:04 – How to manage multiple EV channels on Youtube
07:04 – 12:06 – Must-haves for the Ford F-150 Lightning
12:06 – 15:04 – Can the F-150 Lightning handle towing?
15:04 – 15:38 Are we ready for Electric Trucks?
15:38 – 21:40 – Thoughts on Rivian’s Price Hike?
21:40 – 29:04 – Vehicle innovations
29:04 – 37:00 – How awesome are E-bikes?


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