Ford Pro supplying over 2,000 E-Transit EVs for DHL

Ford Pro supplying over 2,000 E-Transit EVs for DHL

Ford Pro, the automaker’s software and commercial fleet division, announced today it has entered into a new agreement with logistics leader Deutsche Post DHL Group (DHL). The deal is designed to accelerate electric van deployment, starting with Ford supplying over 2,000 E-Transit EV vans to DHL by the end of 2023.

Ford unveiled the E-Transit in November 2020. It’s the fully electric version of the automaker’s best-selling cargo van that’s popular among commercial customers.

The introduction made sense with Ford’s lead in the North American and European commercial van market. Within two years, Ford’s electric van became the top-selling model in its segment by far.

The E-Transit is playing a critical role in the transition to sustainable transportation in the commercial van market. According to Ford’s November US sales report, nearly 6,000 E-Transit vans have been sold so far this year in the United States alone.

With a first movers advantage in the commercial electric van space, Ford has kept its market share above 80% as businesses look for lower cost, less maintenance, and zero-emission options.

The 2023 E-Transit offers the following for businesses looking to make the switch:

  • Pro Power Onboard
  • Up to 126-mile range
  • 40% fewer maintenance costs
  • Three roof heights, lengths, and models to choose from

Meanwhile, the E-Transit electric van is equipped with Ford Pro’s powerful suite of business software solutions designed to optimize efficiency and reduce costs. Ford Pro offers a one-stop-shop solution that combines service options, financing, and charging solutions.

Ford’s E-Transit has sparked the change needed in the commercial van space. Its latest partnership with DHL will help accelerate the deployment of electric vans around the globe.

Ford provides over 2,000 E-Transit vans for DHL

Ford and DHL signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today intended to spark the EV van industry globally.

As part of the agreement, Ford will supply over 2,000 E-Transit electric vans to DHL. The electric vans will be equipped with Ford Pro software, including E-Telematics, to enhance logistics efficiency, uptime, service, and productivity.

General Manager of Ford Pro Europe, Hans Schep, commented on the partnership and the E-Transit’s success thus far, saying:

Ford Pro and Deutsche Post DHL Group share the vision of greater sustainability and acommitment to electrified solutions, and this agreement is a major step towards millions of deliveries being completed by electrified vehicles around the world. E-Transit is the top-selling commercial EV in North America and since June is also the best-seller in its segment in Europe, meaning the all-electric 2-tonne van is already making big strides to support this ambition.

Ford and DHL’s new agreement will help them achieve their common zero emissions goal by 2050. Ford looks to reach zero emissions for all vehicle sales and carbon neutrality across its facilities by 2035. Meanwhile, DHL is striving for 60% e-vehicles by 2030, including the new E-Transit.

The new electric vans will add to DHL’s fleet of around 27,000 electric vans so far. Ford says the first batch of E-Transit vans has already been delivered and will debut during DHL’s busiest time of the year.

The new agreement will also allow Ford and DHL to co-develop future products and charging solutions while giving DHL early access to test new electric vehicles.

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