A new Tesla neighborhood launches with Powerwalls in Las Vegas

A new Tesla neighborhood launches with Powerwalls in Las Vegas

A new ‘Tesla neighborhood’ has launched in Las Vegas with Tesla Powerwalls and solar power in every home.

Tesla neighborhood is a term that is being used for new developments where all the homes integrate all or part of Tesla’s power ecosystem, including the Powerwall home battery pack.

The best example is a new giant development project in Austin, Texas, by Brookfield Asset Management and Dacra where up to 12,000 new homes and being built offering Tesla solar roofs and Powerwalls.

Now a new project called The Arches in Las Vegas is becoming a new Tesla neighborhood.

Home builder Lennar announced the opening of the new project with 51 homes, each equipped with solar panels, a Tesla Powerwall, and electric vehicle charging stations:

The Arches is a unique Lennar community featuring included solar panels, the Tesla Powerwall, and two universal EV chargers at each homesite. All combined, these features make The Arches a net-zero solar community.

Sunnova, a Tesla Powerwall installation partner, is behind the solar and battery installations at the Lennar project.

They shared a few pictures of the opening of the project:

Lennar says that the Tesla Powerwalls are going to be used for both peak shaving and for backup power:

The Tesla Powerwall is a fully integrated AC battery system that acts as a partial home backup. Excess solar power is stored in the Powerwall during the day to use at night, during peak rate times or during a power outage depending on how the homeowner has the configuration set. In the case of a power outage, the Powerwall alone will keep the refrigerator running, keep the most critical lights on, power your garage door and allow internet and streaming access.

Joy Broddle, division president of Lennar Las Vegas, commented on the project:

With incredible energy-saving initiatives and well-designed floorplans, The Arches has something for households at any stage in life. This community is ideal for anyone looking to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle and take advantage of the year-round sunshine that the Las Vegas Valley has to offer.

There are a lot of efficiencies that can be gained at the design and installation level for solar and Powerwall projects for new homes in communities like these.

Tesla has recently been deploying record energy storage capacity mostly due to a ramp-up in Powerwall and Megapack production.

We recently learned that Tesla has increased Powerwall production to 6,500 units per week. That’s 87 MWh per week. Megapacks contribute a lot more with fewer units since a single Megapack can deliver over 3 MWh of energy capacity.

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