Volkswagen’s MEB+ platform offers faster charging, added range

Volkswagen's MEB+ platform offers faster charging, added range

Volkswagen Group has shared a progress update outlining the development of its upcoming MEB+ EV platform. What was originally thought to be an upgrade to its current EV platform will actually arrive as the German automaker’s next-generation EV backbone. Volkswagen reaffirmed previous range improvements but also shared new details on upcoming models we can expect to see use this technology in the future. Here’s the latest.

Back in 2015, long before its full commitment to become an all-electric brand, Volkswagen Group had the foresight to begin developing a bespoke EV platform it could build upon rather that continue to retrofit existing vehicle bodies with electric drivetrain components.

The result was its MEB platform, which currently sits below several of Volkswagen’s current EV models like the ID.3, ID.4, and shiny new ID.Buzz. This past April, we reported on news from Volkswagen regarding the MEB+ platform, which was promising to deliver 700 km (435 miles) of range to future VW group EVs.

At the time, we explained that Volkswagen is more than likely referring to WLTC range standard, so we’d wager real world distance to be quite lower (probably around 350 miles). Regardless, 700 km of electric range will be a huge improvement compared to the 500 km the current MEB platform can deliver.

In addition to once again confirming some of the specs originally shared this past spring, Volkswagen has shared additional updates in regard to the MEB+ platform’s progress.

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Volkswagen MEB+ platform will support 10 new EVs by 2026

In addition to sharing how much of the technology was developed in its current platform, Volkswagen Group shared a progress update of its next-generation version, which may include autonomous capabilities and new battery technology. Per the release:

In the coming years, Volkswagen will invest substantially in the further development of its successful e-platform: MEB will become MEB+. In line with the original idea, the charging and storage technology as well as the digital infrastructure will be improved. With MEB+, significant leaps will be possible in automated driving functions, for example. The MEB+ will use Volkswagen’s new generation of batteries – the so-called unit cell – and enable ranges of up to 700 km. And the MEB+ will also significantly improve charging times, with charging speeds of 175–200 kW possible in the future.

Once again, Volkswagen has confirmed 700 km range and charge speeds up to 200 kW on its future EVs atop the MEB+ platform. Speaking of which, the automaker also shared that this updated platform will support 10 new Volkswagen brand EVs by 2026, including a 25,000 euro model ($26,400). The group states it is also planning new electric vehicles in the performance and premium segments, hinting that we will probably also see Audi EVs on the MEB+ as well.

No exact timeline is available yet that details where or when we may see the first Volkswagen EV on the MEB+, but we are sure to learn more as new EVs are teased between now and 2026. Stay tuned.

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