GM’s new electric vehicle sedan could replace the Chevy Malibu

GM's new electric vehicle sedan could replace the Chevy Malibu

Is an electric Malibu in the works from Chevrolet? A new EV sedan concept from GM could give us a glimpse into what an electric Chevy Malibu may look like or the electric sedan slated to replace it.

The new Chevy electric sedan that could replace the Malibu

General Motors revealed a new Chevy EV sedan concept, the FNR-XE, during its China Tech Vision Day 2022 event based on GM’s Ultium platform.

In fact, GM debuted four new EV models based on the platform, but the other three we have already been introduced to including the Cadillac Lyriq, GMC Hummer EV, and the Buick Electra-X.

GM said at the event:

From fuel to electric, from horsepower to computing power, new technology has become a new engine to drive the upgrading of automobile products and promote the leapfrog development of the automobile industry.

The Chevy FNR-XE is a pure electric vehicle concept revealed in China but could make its way to the US. GM’s president Mark Reuss says it will enter the same mid-size segment as the current Chevy Malibu, noting “we’ll see the desirability” when asked if Chevy would offer the electric sedan in the US.

Chevy has several highly anticipated EV releases coming over the next few years, with the Blazer EV, Silverado EV, and Equinox EV. There have also been reports of the company spinning off brands such as Corvette, Camaro, and Escalade with several electric models in each.

Will an electric Chevy malibu work its way into the lineup? If so, it likely won’t be until at least 2025 because the FNR-XE concept is set to debut in China in 2024.

Electrek’s Take

Although SUVs have been outpacing cars in sales, there will always be a market for smaller D-segment vehicles like the Malibu.

GM is going all in on electric vehicles, and Chevy is slated to play a significant role. The automaker has almost all of the segments covered with the Bolt EV (which just won Electrek’s Vehicle of the Year) and EUV, the upcoming Equinox EV, Blazer EV, and Silverado EV, but a family sedan could complete the portfolio.

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