Rivian’s latest software update boosts range of R1S and R1T

Rivian's latest software update boosts range of R1S and R1T

Rivian’s online configurator now reflects a myriad of changes for new customers, including the absence of previous add-on options like a full-size spare tire. On a positive note, those who own or purchase Rivian R1T or R1S with the AWD quad motor and large battery pack, should see an increase in range. Rivian fans rejoice, additional range is always welcomed news.

As American EV automaker Rivian entered the final financial quarter of this year, it was touting a 67% expansion in production of its two flagship models, on pace to hit its output goal of 25,000 units. This came as welcomed news as we’ve watched the young automaker’s assembly lines stumble at first while learning to optimize and scale.

It’s been less than a year and a half since Rivian began first deliveries of R1T, and the R1S has since joined the party. In Southern California, we are starting to see both models on roads more and more. Although Rivian has previously discontinued its Explore package, the lone Adventure package has still offered plenty of customizations and add-ons for consumers. Everything from the drive system, to battery size, and a myriad of add-ons to create an EV that’s ideal for how you intend to use it.

Up until recently, the Rivian large pack battery option offered 314 miles of estimated range in the R1T pickup, and 316 miles in the R1S. Now, a recent software update appears to have rolled out to current Rivian owners offering added range (at least for quad motor configurations). This is now reflected on the automaker’s site for new customers as well. Have a look.

Both quad motor Rivian EVs see decent range increases

As pointed out by reddit user u/sdaws in the r/Rivian community, the automaker’s configurator pages for both the R1S and R1T show added range. Furthermore, the models have flipped flopped in terms of which EV can go further on the same size wheels (21″).

The R1T now shows 328 miles of range for the quad motor large pack configuration (a 14 mile increase), while the R1S now shows 321 miles of electric range (up 5 miles). What’s more interesting, is that Rivian’s configurator has removed any range estimates for the dual motor, large pack configurations on either EV. Previous range estimates were 320+ miles for both the dual motor R1T and R1S.

Whether we see boosts in range to those configurations as well remains uncertain, but it’s a strong possibility given the increased efficiency that appears to be rolling out over the air. The community also pointed out that a Rivian software update earlier this month mentioned the following, which could be the reasoning for the improvements:

Improved battery longevity, battery durability, and regenerative braking performance. Also enhanced regen availability, and you can use regen for longer durations.

Aside from the welcomed performance improvements, Rivian fans are less psyched that Rivian has removed nearly all of its add-on accessories from its EV configurator. This includes options like a spare tire, cargo crossbars, and the camping tent.

Rivian has previously been public about removing some accessories like its camp kitchen, tonneau cover, and gear tunnel rack, as they get revamped designs, but some of the other accessories appear to have simply left the configurator and moved to the Gear Shop. Here’s an email recently sent to a reservation holder:

We’ve asked Rivian for clarity on the range increases and the missing accessories, and will update the information above when as hear back.

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