Mondraker Crafty XR LTD Is Newest E-MTB To Get Bosch’s CX Race Motor

Mondraker Crafty XR LTD Is Newest E-MTB To Get Bosch's CX Race Motor

Spanish bicycle manufacturer Mondraker presents its newest creation, the Crafty XR LTD, a top-of-the-line electric mountain bike that’s sure to have enduro fanatics drooling over its spec sheet. Indeed, it’s the only model in this range of carbon enduro eBikes to boast the new Bosche Performance CX Line Race motor, an e-bike system designed to power the world’s greatest electric mountain bikes.

The new Bosch Performance CX Line Race motor, as we previously covered before, is the creme de la creme of Bosch’s e-bike systems. Featuring lightweight materials and an unrivaled 400-percent assist, the Race Motor has already been featured in the likes of the Simplon Rapcon Pmax and Orbea Wild electric enduro MTBs. Apart from the 400-percent pedal-assist, the Race motor is also 150 grams lighter thanks to its lightweight casing construction. 

As Mondraker’s premier product for Enduro eMTB racing, the Bosch Race motor places the Crafty XR LTD at the top of the heap. It has the Bosch Smart System’s KIOX 300 Display, top-tube integrated System Controller, and wireless compact remote on the left side of the handlebar. Riders may now easily change settings and riding modes without having to take their attention away from the route. Last but not least, it’s linked with a 750 Wh Bosch Powertube battery. 

The only significant difference between the Crafty XR LTD and the standard Crafty XR model, aside from the Bosch CX Race Motor, is the stunning Transparent Amber coloring, which reveals the frame’s carbon-fiber construction beneath. Having said that, the bike is decked out in top-notch equipment such as an Öhlins TTX Air 205 rear shock and Öhlins RXF 38 M.2 fork. The drivetrain components consist of E13 TRS Race Carbon cranks paired to SRAM XO1 and GX Eagle components. Meanwhile, the bike comes to a stop with SRAM Code RSC brakes with 200-millimeter rotors, and rolls on Mavic E-Deemax S wheels. 

Mondraker Crafty XR LTD Is Newest E-MTB To Get Bosch's CX Race Motor
Mondraker Crafty XR LTD Is Newest E-MTB To Get Bosch's CX Race Motor

As of this writing, Mondraker has yet to announce pricing and availability of the new Craft Carbon XR LTD. However, you can bet your bottom dollar that this bike will cost a small fortune given how much technology and performance it’s bringing to the trail. 

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