Tesla Megapack could be sold out for the next 2 years

Tesla Megafactory Megapack

Tesla Megapack, the company’s utility-scale energy storage battery system, could be sold out for almost the next two years, according to Tesla’s own timeline.

Back in 2019, Tesla launched the Megapack; it was Tesla’s third stationary energy storage product after the Powerwall and Powerpack.

A single Megapack unit is a container-sized “3 MWh battery system” with integrated modules, inverters, and thermal systems. With the bigger size and integrated power electronics, Tesla claims that the Megapack is 60% more energy-dense than its Powerpack. It also comes on-site, ready to install and can ship in containers.

A few months ago, Tesla updated the Megapack with more capacity, 3.9 MWh, and made it a bit bigger.

Now several online commenters have pointed out that Tesla has updated its online configurator with the earliest delivery in Q3 2024:

The location, installation, or amount doesn’t seem to change anything. Tesla doesn’t list any delivery available until Q3 2024 – almost two years from now.

Megapack projects have been popping up left and right lately.

Tesla’s biggest energy storage product has quickly emerged as the leading battery system for large utility-scale energy storage systems. It enables electric utilities to make better use of renewable energy, like solar, and stabilize the grid.

Megapack helped Tesla’s energy division accelerate storage deployment, and the company has now built an impressive backlog of orders.

But Tesla is now working faster than ever through its backlog with 42 Megapacks per week produced at Gigafactory Nevada, in addition to the new Megafactory in California recently coming online and trying to ramp up to an ambitious capacity of 40 GWh of Megapacks per year.

That’s why it is impressive that despite the new capacity, Tesla is still trailing for about 20 months for new installations.

Once the Megafactory in California is at full capacity, Tesla will be deploying more energy storage capacity in a single quarter than it has over the entire existence of Tesla Energy until today.

We are hearing that the ramp-up at the factory has been going fairly well.

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