Tesla Selling Display Models And Demo Cars For Big Year-End Push

Tesla Selling Display Models And Demo Cars For Big Year-End Push

According to Electrek, Tesla has given its shops in North America permission to sell demos, display models, and test-drive cars prior to the end of 2022. Essentially, it seems the Tesla stores can deliver every electric vehicle within their walls and parking lots.

With the way it has been going of late, nothing really comes as a surprise. It started with Tesla “pulling demand levers,” or simply just trying to sell a whole lot more cars, in China. Not long ago, the electric automaker shocked many folks by offering discounts in the US, which it has since buttered up.

No matter how the numbers look at the end of 2022, Tesla will have set records yet again. The company is set to sell more cars globally than it ever has before, and it has been setting various monthly records in specific areas across the globe, such as China and Europe.

We all know that no matter the adversity of the situation, and no matter how many records Tesla sets, it only matters if the brand hit its guidance and satisfies Wall Street’s estimates. With that said, the huge end-of-year push could either be to blow everyone away with impressive numbers or simply squeak by the best it can.

Tesla started offering a $3,750 discount on the Model 3 and Model Y in the US, which it rather quickly upped to $7,500. It’s also offering 10,000 free Supercharger miles if you get your EV before the end of the year. In Canada, a discount of $5,000 just became available.

Due to all the incentives, Tesla’s inventory appears to be running low, which is precisely what the company wants to happen. However, it can’t take full advantage of the positive impact the incentives have on sales if it has no cars left to deliver. Electrek says Tesla doesn’t have any Model 3 vehicles left to sell in Los Angeles, and only a few in San Francisco, though there are other areas that still have multiple copies available.

When there are no EVs left to sell, you resort to selling your showroom cars, demos, and test-drive vehicles, because there’s really no other choice. It will look better for Tesla if it sells every single car it has produced rather than ending the year with a bunch of inventory and vehicles hanging around in its stores.

It will only be a matter of time before we learn how all of Tesla’s work paid off (or didn’t). How many EVs do you think Tesla will deliver in Q4 2022? How about in 2022 as a whole? Will it impress or disappoint Wall Street? Share your wisdom with us in the comment section below.

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