Charged EVs | Hyundai-Kia lauds Eaton’s Breaktor technology

Charged EVs | Hyundai-Kia lauds Eaton's Breaktor technology

Hyundai-Kia lauds Eaton’s Breaktor technology

Hyundai-Kia has named Eaton’s Breaktor circuit protection technology “Best Technology” in its electrification category.

Power management company Eaton developed Breaktor as a circuit protection system for EVs that combines the functions of fuses, pyro switches and contactors into one coordinated device.

“Our technology fills a unique need in the growing EV market,” said Kevin Calzada, Eaton’s Global Product Strategy and Marketing Manager.

According to Eaton, as EV power levels increase, its proprietary technology solves the coordination challenge between fuses and contactors and provides fast, reliable protection for high-power battery, fast-charge and inverter systems.

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