Tesla mobile Supercharger with Megapack caught on fire

Tesla mobile Supercharger with Megapack caught on fire

A Tesla Megapack used on a mobile Supercharger caught on fire and completely burned down in Baker, California.

We previously reported on this contraption that Tesla sometimes brings to busy Supercharger stations.

It’s a trailer fitted with a Megapack, Tesla’s biggest stationary energy storage system, and a bunch of Superchargers.

The result is a mobile Supercharger station that Tesla can bring to Supercharger stations when more capacity is needed – especially during holidays.

That’s exactly what Tesla did at its Baker, California, Supercharger station for people traveling for the New Year, but the mobile Supercharger caught on fire on January first, according to Tesla drivers stopping by the station.

Plugshare user Jonathan posted “currently on fire!!!” on the station’s page on Sunday, and another user shared this picture:

It shows a Tesla Megapack on the mobile Supercharger trailer completely burned.

The Tesla commercial inverters on the left and the Supercharger stalls on the right appear to be untouched.

Half of the Supercharger stalls at the Supercharger station, which has 40 stalls, were apparently still usable later on January 1, according to another Plugshare user.

It’s not clear what happened. We reached out to the local fire department for a comment and will update if we get an answer. Tesla doesn’t have a press relations department in the United States anymore to ask those kinds of questions.

This is the second known Tesla Megapack to have caught on fire. In September 2022, we reported on a Megapack catching on fire at a giant energy storage project in Monterrey, California.

Tesla has deployed thousands of Megapacks around the world since the company launched the product back in 2019.

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